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Who are you

You are an Executive, or Manager, in Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Operations, or IT, that has a need to make your company's computer systems work properly. You and your company are growing, and you know your systems need to grow with you.

Why ?

We want you home on time. You want to be home on time. We want you and your coworkers to be incredibly effective at your jobs. You want your company to grow to produce products and provide services that better the lives of everyone. We believe that properly built, configured, and integrated, computer systems can help deliver success, and happy and balanced lives. This is the 'why' of Cloud Integration Consultants.


Your life. You never waste time copying and pasting between systems. You never have the confusion and wasted time from contacts, companies, products, orders, etc. being out of sync. You have incredible automated reports that show you any and every detail, from your integrated systems, so you can make accurate and educated decisions for your company.


We follow a simple process with you: We have conversations about what you are doing, what you want to be doing, what things are not working correctly, and how you want them to work. We then configure and integrate all the various software systems you have, so they work for you. You get the data, reports, and views, from all aspects of your business, at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever you want.


We have helped companies such as VMWare, Google, Facebook, Cloudmark, Critical Path, Tucows, Covalent, Hortonworks, Fetchdeals, Twelve Horses and many others to integrate in house systems with cloud based systems such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Amazon, Expensewire, CyberSource, ZenDesk, MailChimp, EventBrite and many more.


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Top Three Reasons People Use Us

  1. Some or all back office operations are not automated
  2. You lack skills, knowledge, and or time, to configure and integrate your back office systems
  3. Your growth requires the visibility and productivity gains from integration, or you recently merged with, or acquired a company, and you now need to combine or migrate your systems and data

TopTthree Reasons People Continue To Use Us.

  1. Reliable
  2. Flexible
  3. Honest


June 1st 2013

Finished a beta version of our Pivotal Tracker to Google Calendar finished stories tool. Please try it out and let us know what you think! FAQ

Finished an alpha release of our Pivotal Tracker Invoicing Tool. Please try it out and let us know what you think!

Dec 4rd 2012

Last week on Monday we enabled one clients Netsuite to Salesforce integration that pulls the Closed/Won opportunities from Salesforce to Netsuite. What this did for our client was it dropped the cost of copying each order from Salesforce to Netsuite from nearly $30 to less than a dollar. It decreased the time from sometime up to week delay to it taking just a over little 3 seconds on average. Average customer satisfaction went from frustrated to happy with both order transaction time and access to support. The accounting department was also very happy because they could get their money much sooner. Who was unhappy? The copy and paste people.

Last week on Monday we enabled one clients product synchronization tool that automatically syncs the products from Salesforce to Netsuite and Openair. What this did for our client was decrease the cost from about $15 per copy and paste to less than a dollar. It decreased the delay in getting the sync done from sometimes never to less than 3 seconds. It stopped negative customer feedback because it fixed the problem with invoices having out of date product names.

Dec 3rd 2012

On Friday we enabled a clients Netsuite to Expensewire sync program that copies and updates employee records from Netsuite to Expensewire. The value of this integration is it drops the cost of copy and paste from $15 per new employee to less than $1. It speeds up the time employees can start using expensewire from sometimes weeks to just a little over 3 seconds.

On Friday we enabled a clients Expensewire to Netsuite sync program that copies expense records from Expensewire to Netsuite. This is a high volume system and dropped the labor cost per batch from about $100 per batch a fraction of penny per expense detail record copied over. The update fixed issues with the monthly forecasts being wildly inaccurate, decreased the amount of time it takes employees to be reimbursed and generally helps company moral.




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